Number 4 - 24" Vintage Inspired Light

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Product Description

This most versatile of sizes is ideal for most homes or small retail establishments. Creative brides and grooms display these at weddings as a photo backdrop for guests or a sweetheart table display. After the wedding, they look stunning at home. Just imagine them over the mantle or in your master suite.
  • 24" tall, 13" wide, 4" deep
  • Link up to 3 signs with just one plug
  • Plug into a standard outlet
  • Great for weddings, restaurants, bars, special events, or as photo/set props

      These vintage inspired lights are carefully crafted from rusty metal to make them look authentic and antique. Artificial wear and tear is created on each light and wear will differ from light to light. Color will also vary due to naturally occurring rust.

      Due to the rust, inside packaging can become dusty during transit. Open with care. Once open, shake dust off.

      Dimensions & More Info

      • Dimensions: 24" tall, 13" wide, 4" deep
      • Antique rust finish
      • Indoor or outdoor use
      • Hang or stand up
      • Hanging bracket on back for easy wall installation
      • New UL Approved wiring, plugs, sockets, and C9 bulbs included (C9 LED lights can also be used)
      • 5 spare light bulbs and a spare fuse are included in every purchase of a vintage inspired light.
      • Can be used with any standard wall outlet dimmer.
      • Can be linked together with other lights (uses modified Christmas lights/sockets/plugs)

      Shipping & Returns

      • Shipping Policy: Ships Free!
      • Estimated Delivery: 2 Weeks
      • Return Policy: 21 Day Money Back Guarantee
      • Additional Technical Assistance:
      • If your lights stop turning on when you plug them in, the fuse is blown. Luckily each light kit comes with a spare fuse inside the “male plug”. Open the male plug, remove the blown fuse, and replace with the spare next to it.
      • Each light comes with standard incandescent clear bulbs. You can replace the bulbs with "C9 LED replacements" if desired, but we believe that incandescent bulbs give off a better vintage glow than LED lights.
      • All lights come in one color, vintage rust. Feel free to paint your metal light any color you’d like once you receive it.