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Expanding Prohibition-Era Bookcase

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Product Description

This scholarly-looking Prohibition-Era bookcase has a secret: it’s got 2 hidden shelves that fold into the body of the case, then pull back out when the coast is clear. This is the type of stealthy 1920’s cleverness that kept speakeasies in business. And aside from that, it’s a gorgeous bookcase in itself, crafted from Cherry and Maple wood with a Warm Honey finish.

  • 4 wide shelves for books
  • 2 shelves you can pull out for display or close for concealment. They’re about the right size for, say, a bottle-sized object…
  • 2 pull-out trays in the front for extra workspace: lay a book flat for reference or mix drinks
  • Cherry & Maple wood construction
  • Warm Honey & Black French finish
  • 2 pull-out trays in the front for mixing drinks or writing letters

    Dimensions & More Info

    • Dimensions: 
      • 43.5" wide x 39.75" tall x 19.75" deep
      • Secret Dimensions:
      • Two fixed shelves on each side measure:
      • 19.25" x 8" x 16.75"

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