1930s Trimotor “Tin Goose” Aircraft

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Product Description

Between 1926 and 1933 some 200 Ford Trimotors, nicknamed the "The Tin Goose", were built in Ford’s own factory. These aircraft were soon adopted by airlines, oil companies and wealthy individuals for personal use.

The Ford Trimotor was a pioneering aircraft that inspired generations of Douglas and Boeing aircraft — fleets soon to criss-cross the world.

  • Meticulous reproduction spans nearly 40 inches
  • Functioning tail rudder and ailerons
  • Nothing is overlooked — miniature detail of the cabin can be seen through the portholes
  • Decorative display stand included

Dimensions & More Info

  • Weight: 13.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26.25 in. x 39.75 in. 7.75 in.
  • Materials: Flat or corrugated metal sheet attached to a lightweight frame

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