Beautiful, Meaningful Designs Inspired By The Past -

Built To Last Generations Into The Future.


What you welcome into your home says a lot about you. Here at Timberwolf Bay, we offer furniture that celebrates human invention, intellect, and craftsmanship that holds up over decades and centuries.

 We believe:

  • Each piece of furniture in your home should have some kind of story, a personal meaning, or a connection to world history.
  • The furniture you choose expresses who you are and reflects your values.
  • Surrounding yourself with the creations of dedicated artisans reminds you to strive for the best in your own life.

Above all, your home should excite your imagination, remind you of the bigger picture of human history, and set the stage for what's next in your life. Your household, after all, is one of the latest buds on history's tree.


About Timberwolf Bay

Timberwolf Bay is a small brand of luxury home furnishings. We want to infuse a sense of adventure, nostalgia, and intrigue back into your days and nights. Many of our products are hand-made by artisans and craftsmen fusing vintage, reclaimed and natural materials with time-honored techniques.


Take a look at our curated collections and see what speaks to you.



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