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    Cabinet of Curiosities

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    Product Description

     A cabinet of curiosities is a great way to collect and arrange objects that speak to you.

    Showcase your interest in gemstones, archaeology, art, antiques, old books, natural history, and intriguing objects of all kinds. You’d be surprised to learn how many of the world’s museums began as simple curio cabinets owned by passionate collectors.

    This beautiful and well-constructed Cabinet of Curiosities features solid, heavy campaign pulls with elegant crown molding and base.

    • Display a visual record of your travels and adventures
    • Connect to memories of places you’ve been, things you’ve seen
    • Display personally meaningful objects, heirlooms, and artworks
    • Display antiques and historical artifacts
    • Add intrigue to your library, living room, or office
    • Open the sliding doors, pull out the drawers and the shelves — you can store a sizable collection here

    Dimensions & More Info

    • Weight: 302 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 48.25 in. wide x 21.25 in. deep x 48.25 in. tall
    • Materials: Solid wood, solid brass hardware, glass
    • Other:
    • Pairs well with our Bookcase with Library Ladder
    • Sliding glass doors allow you to display your books and collections
    • 2 drawers and 2 extra deep drawers to store items, linens, and papers
    • Decorative crown moulding at the top and bottom
    • Pull out shelves for extra workspace
    • Ships in two pieces
    • Solid brass hardware

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