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    Seafarer's Small Desk, Honey & Ivory

    $ 2,030.00
    • $ 3,395.00
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    Product Description

    This antique reproduction seafarer’s desk has reinforced brass corners to guard against damage, and plenty of room for storage of ship's documents. Don't let the size fool you — this small desk's built to withstand stormy passages. A well-traveled, ageless, nearly indestructible addition to any home or office. 

    •  Solid brass hardware
    • Brass kick-bar
    • Hand built from cherry and maple hardwood
    • Faux leather inset top
    • Also available in Black & Honey

      Dimensions & More Info

      • Weight: 195 lbs.
      • Dimensions: 
      • 67 in. wide x 29.5 in. deep x 30.75 in. tall
      • Materials: Sturdily made of cherry and maple with a Leather inset top
      • Options: Ivory or Black

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      Handmade Aged Small Desk, Black & Honey

      $ 1,795.00
      • $ 2,800.00
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      Product Description

      Desks on board ships had to be cleared and stowed at a moment’s notice — or even used to ad lib.

      On this desk, the two support legs could act as steps into the navigator’s bunk or used for a boost onto the back of a camel. The desktop, complete with drawers and brass-bound corners, could stop musket bullets.

      You’re probably not going to face too many situations in your life where you’ll have to defend against musket balls or mount a camel in your office… but this makes a handsome, hardworking, well-traveled desk anyway.

      • Faux leather-topped writing area
      • Solid brass hardware and reinforced corners
      • Hand-rubbed French finish
      • Easy to transport
      • Your choice: also available in Honey & Ivory

      Dimensions & More Info

      • Weight: 110 lbs.
      • Dimensions: 55.3 in. wide x 27.6 in. deep x 30.7 in. tall
      • Materials: Wood, leather, brass
      • Options: Ivory or Black

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